DragonRealms Charts and Spreadsheets

Trader Shop Inventory: I am no longer publishing updates to this spreadsheet, because it has been made obsolete by Etherian's Plaza Shop Browser, which is searchable and more frequently updated.

Item Stats (updated 1/21/2018): Stats for weapons, shields, armor, containers, and cambrinth.

Crafted Weapon Stats (updated 3/17/2015): Compiled from Elanthipedia

Crafting Material Properties (updated 12/20/2014): Stats for leather, cloth, metal, bone, and stone (compiled from Elanthipedia)

Crafted Shields and Armor (updated 3/17/2015): Crafted shield and weapon types, volumes, and coverage areas. Page 2 shows the percentage of hindrance and experience attributed to each body part.

Magic Spells and Feats (updated 1/2/2018): Spells and feats. (The spell info comes from DISCERN.)

Viewing the Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets should open in any version of Excel. Most Windows computers have Excel, but if you don't have Excel, you can open these files with LibreOffice. It's free and open-source.

Another option is for you to upload a copy of the spreadsheets to your Google Drive account. You can then view the file using Google Sheets, which even allows you to save it to a different format for offline use.

Update Notifications

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